Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sold out paintings

Joslyn 48x48

Payton 30x30

Mycroft 48x60

Automatism 48x48

Caspia 24x24

Rosalia 30x40

Mercedes 54x54

Capri 48x48

Float Away 48x48

Somewhere 36x36

Zena 36x36

Astragal 36x36

Vega 48x60

Antonia 36x36

Mimi 36x36

Heaven 36x36

Hizzle 54x54

Homunculous 54x54

Cliff 36x36

Girlfriend 48x48

Harriet 54x54

Cave 36x36

Hortense 48x48

Graffiti 36x36

The Missing Place 24x36

Quill 24x24

Neice 24x24

Dr Riversong 48x60

Dove Blue 24x24

Papel 30x30

Microfiche 24x36

Lydia 30x30

Constancy 24x24

Rio 24x36

Parcel 24x36

Miracle 48x48

Dior 54x54

Pyragram 30x40

Ecco 36x48

1 comment:

  1. Rosalia and Antonia are my faves! They are all great!