Monday, July 20, 2015

Sold Out 7-2017 Michelle Armas

Yeah I know, we would be great together /// The Gregg Irby Gallery

Scratch n Sniff
If this painting were a scratch n sniff it would smell like fake blueberries right? Like a Willie Wonka crazy giant blueberry. Also it would be ticklish, so when you scratched it would giggle, but super quiet like. You would think it was in your head, but you would be wrong.

Nora /// The Gregg Irby Gallery 40x40

Meditation /// The Gregg Irby Gallery

That Dream 9"x12"

Peeking Through Collage 9"x12"

Hidden Faces Collage 22"x30"

Watch 18"x18"

Over The Moon 18"x18"

If You Want To Know 18"x18"

Hey Guys How's It Going 18"x18"

Do You Have It 18"x18"

Rubes 18"x18"

How Did You? 18"x18"

Erin 16"x20"

All On my Own 20"x22"
This painting is a time travel machine. It is a memory of a time I spent as a child flying kites with my family on a blustery spring morning in a beautiful open filed near our home in Texas. The sun was so bright that my minds eye pans blacked silhouettes, the flash of a smile and laughter carried away so quickly on the wind that only the hint of it lingers. My mom was wearing a soft and faded blue sweatshirt, off the shoulder like a good 80's fashionista, her hair was curly and floated around her shoulders. She smelled warm and we drank lemonade. I was so intensely in the moment that I was suspended in time, and I felt so grown up, and alone (in a beautiful way) to my small self.

Steak and Sex 24"x36"
I named this painting Steak and Sex because I was having a conversation with my dear friend while I was putting the final, gold paint touches on this piece. We were talking about that snap in your chest when you are in the flush of new love. The way you can't sleep, and your palms sweat and everything reminds you of them. You can't stop talking about them, you dream about haven't seen them pee with the door open yet. Its new love, overwhelming, heart pounding love that once you have felt it, you will never ever forget. Its intoxicating. Its like Steak and Sex.

Hockley 36"x48"
Pure light reflection and texture, that is what Hockley is all about (did you hear Hokey Pokey in your head just then? Totally an accident, don't let it influence you about this painting, because its not hokey or pokey. Moving on...) I had an experimental canvas in my studio, covered in glue and paper and ripped up canvas. The texture was amazing so I covered it in gold foil and allowed the imperfections to accumulate and multiply. Painstaking application yielded wrinkles and bunches, gaps and tears. Its a landscape of movement, like each piece of foil is a tectonic plate pushing and creating on its own.

So The Only Question Is 48"x48"

Badassery 48"x48"


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