Thursday, February 4, 2016

Sold Out 2-3-2016

Fira, 40x40 inches mixed media on canvas

The Straw that Broke the Camels Back, 48x60 inches.

Palma, 40x60 inches

I'll Be There for You /// Sea Contemporary 40x40 inches

I can Google That /// Sea Contemporary 36x48

Spit That Out /// Stellers Gallery 18x18 inches

Tomorrow or Today /// Stellers Gallery 60x72 inches

Egyptical /// Sea Contemporary 30x33 inches

Kandistical /// Sea Contemporary 30x33

I can hear carnival music in my mind when I look at this painting. I see roller coasters and crowds, sunshine and ice cream, cotton candy and hot dogs...I think you can clearly see what drew my young self to a carnival. That really has nothing to do with why I named the painting Baggy Jeans. I used that name because its familiar, soft and comfortable like my own favorite pair of baggy jeans. Covered in paint splotches and swoops of pink dust and with just enough holes in them. Friendly, comforting, happy and bright.
30x36 inches acrylic, soft pastel and graphite on canvas.

Barnacle : In 2013 I began a series of paintings that I like to think of as my "pools of color" series. I had recently come through a very spiritual time in my life and I was yearning for simplicity and the calm of monochrome. Not just that, I needed to create it and it needed to be deep and layered yet simple and soothing. One day I came into my studio while one of these pool paintings was drying and I thought to myself, what if I smudge the paint while it has a tiny bit of water left in it? Barnacle was born and man other darker, moodier and smudgier paintings as well. This piece would stand out so well on a light colored wall, but could you imagine how it would look on a black, dark purple or navy wall? Smashing thats how.

24x36 inches acrylic, soft pastel and graphite on canvas.

This piece I painted at home, it has layer over layer of ink and paint. It makes me think of a crazy 70's print you might find on a blouse in a thrift store for some reason. It makes me think of late summer and the sun shinning through a slatted fence.

40x40 inches Rennet

Deacon /// The Gregg Irby Gallery

I believe this belongs to you /// The Gregg Irby Gallery

Stone Fox /// Stellers Gallery 48x48

Blue Print 12"x12"

Shirley 22"x30"

Laverne 22"x30"

You Know I Know 9"x12"

Ha! 9"x12"

Blue Swirl Collage 19"x24"

Sweetheart 16"x20"

Waller 16"x20"

Lets Just Skip Town 23"x37"

Marigold 24"x36"

Neutron 30"x33"

Delusion 30"x36"

El Gallo 40"x40"

Oia (pronounced eeya) is the name of a white hilltop village on a very special island in Greece. Its where my friend's were married this year and its also where I spent time sailing around and admiring the stunning cliffs and rocks from the water. What I noticed were rings and stripes and swaths of colors in those rocks. Minerals trapped by the volcanic activity that created the island and oxidizing over time to turn brilliant shades of green or orange snaking through the ashy colors of the land. I came home with red sand beaches swimming through my mind and this painting was born.

These plumes of color are created by dropping paint onto the canvas. Tiny splashes occur and the paint spreads and dries at its own pace. Splashes of other paintings ricochet and ended up on this canvas in harmonious shades of green and palest pink.

The Moon Lives in the Lining of your Skin 40"x40"